Class isn’t technically over yet….right?

Well it seems like I made a mistake…  Whoops!  I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I write anything, be it a blog post or a to-do list, I do it on a word document first.  I don’t know why I do this, but it’s a habit and sometimes it leads to me submitting things late because I write the thing, but just save it and forget to submit it.

(this was one of those times…..oops)

I think that this was probably my favorite elective I’ve taken to date.  (No, Noel, I’m not just saying that to get a good grade, it’s really heartfelt.) This comes from a multitude of things, first off I liked the material we were researching over the six weeks.  Before this class I didn’t even know the word adjunct existed, and over the weeks I came to realize that many of my friends did not either.  The reason that this is so interesting and exciting to me is that the situation that adjuncts face is something that could possibly be remediated by just raising awareness and getting past the general hum of everyday life that seems to cloud everyone from other people’s issues.

Another reason I enjoyed the class was because of the people that comprised it.  Being an engineering student who is almost never around non-engineers, it was refreshing to be around people who had a wider vocabulary that didn’t seem to revolve around mathematical and science terminology.  That being said, I also enjoyed hanging out with some Civvies and getting to know more people in my major.

We had a good group, and we had a lot more people participate in discussion that my usual classes (which tend to have around 3-4 people who will constantly answer just because no one else volunteers) I think that this is what made the class such a pleasure to attend, we constantly had new ideas being contributed from a bunch of people who had a bunch of different viewpoints on the issue at hand.

In my opinion, the class was well streamlined, and I don’t think there were any real sticking points or places where I felt we were being inefficient with the small amount of time we had.  I think that the class would have flowed a bit better if Noel had made it mandatory for people to bring in some sort of comments for workshop as sometimes conversation fell flat rather quickly.  I think that this was mostly because we were work shopping as one big group, and looking over a bunch of peoples stuff and giving quality feedback is something the teacher has more experience doing.  However, when we did workshop for the infographics (and split into groups) I feel like the quality of the workshop was much better as each person was able to focus their attention to less work and really workshop the fine details.

Coming out of this class I have garnered an appreciation for the work that adjunct professors do.  I had never known about them before this class, and it has made me want to tell anyone I can about their plight to help attempt to raise awareness that could bring about change.  It was a fun class, and I definitely had fun meeting everyone.


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