Well it has been fun

(Of course I would mess up the last post)

I’ve read through some of the reflections and for many of you its the requirement and its your first and only, as a business student who doesn’t have to sneak over here and do one of these this is my third. This was a very interesting class that had enough curve balls to improve my writing even further. I’ve taken all three of these classes from fall to spring to this summer and have noticed progressively less red on all my papers. The English department must be doing something right then.

While tweeting is something I have done many a time actually writing down opinions in a blog post was something new. As was of course the various public writings throughout the course. I now have a much wider range of material that I can take with me into my career as I go forward. I know that I didn’t realize how many different ways you can format writing in the public sphere that may only be seen by a few people but can make a big difference.

Then the theme. Well even though I may have been in the staunch big wig supporter camp for most of the semester it certainly was an interesting read into how wide pay actually is. Its enough to raise questions and read more. I don’t know if that was the goal but I think that it sure accomplished that. Not just because its a requirement but actually looking into it for personal reasons. As a business student I really liked my adjuncts that had day jobs. I just assumed they took this on as something to do and really became I little numb to it. I can safely say at least half if not more of my chosen business professors wound up being adjuncts teaching on the side. Many were ultra successful in there own right which made the issue of adjunct pay seem like an afterthought. The common first day quote of “I’m not teaching for the money” takes on new meaning after a class like this.

I feel like I have defiantly got a lot out of this class. The people were awesome and Noel yes you were to. I personally like this quick 6 week format as it was just a month and a half ago I was wondering what in the world are we going to be doing in this class. I think the speed and pace of the class was something that actually helped rather than hurt. I cant say that I would have got the same things out of it should this have been a traditional two and a half hour class in the evening or twice a week for about 90 minutes. The pace made sure to keep things rather new each and every time.

Best wishes Noel and to the rest of you.  As Ill be finishing up by the end of the year I think this class will be in the top of my memory going forward.

(Celebratory Cat Picture)celebrating-earth-day-with-your-green-cat


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