Have a great summer, ill see yinz at Hems

Well here it is guys the last assignment and the night before our last class. Its almost unbelievable that this course is already coming to a close. I guess ive been so busy over the past 6 weeks that, until now, I haven’t taken the time to step back and think about everything that has happened. When I first transferred to Pitt and started piecing together my schedule for the next 4 years of my life I cringed at the sight of a W intensive class. Needless to say I have pushed this requirement back to the very last semester that I possibly could. Now, 4 years later, I can look back over every other class I have taken and say that this is the very first class that I wouldn’t mind coming back to after its over. A part of me wonders why I didn’t schedule the W class sooner and the other part of me is really glad that I waited this long and got to have this experience alongside all of you. That being said I will second Mikes words and say Thank You! It really was a great time and very rarely felt like a chore to sit through class and complete the work. Not to mention snacks!

Before attending this class I had never written a blog post or even considered making a Twitter tweet. The blog posting, reading, and the knowledge gained because of it was definitely a plus. However, I really felt that the unifying experience brought fourth through Twitter greatly enhanced the classroom experience far exceeding any other resource like Pitt mail or Courseweb. Just like Mohammad said in his last post I found myself looking through Twitter and getting lost in peoples posts and research far beyond what I ever would have done otherwise.

Over the years I have had more experience with the course material than I would have ever liked to, but I still I feel as though my knowledge was barely skimming the surface. I like to consider myself to be someone with considerable street smarts and that I am well aware of what is going on around me, but after everything that I have learned this semester Im really reconsidering that. The focus of the class has literally been surrounding me for years and although I was always questioning the bigger picture I never took the time to really look into anything below the surface. I was always too focused on the small role that revolved around my life and was never able to see beyond that into the lives of adjunct professors, rise in administrators, academic finances, etc. Not only did the research have a big impact on me but every different opinion and perspective that each of you brought to the classroom was also eye opening. Similar to what Danielle said earlier this will be the first non-technical elective that I feel the need to continue learning about and try to do my part to make a change.

Noel, thanks for putting up with me, the great atmosphere and an unusual but very effective classroom experience. Not to mention snacks! You were awesome and I wish you the best luck with your new family. Everyone else, good luck with your undergrad careers and finding your place in Industry or Academia, but more importantly thanks for the great experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better class to take during my last semester at Pitt. I plan to leave my Twitter account active at least until it dies down but hopefully some of you guys stay in touch! If not im sure ill run into you at Hems at some point, just don’t hold it against me if I don’t remember.

Have a great summer



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